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Uromastyx Burrows, Hides & Caves - NOW Available (+ Much more)

All NEW products, designs, options, colors and sizes!

We have the ultimate Décor that your Uromastyx /Reptile would absolutely love!

Give them a showpiece that functions as good as it looks...with a surface that aids in shedding...and has the natural feel and grip of actual rock.

Uniquely innovative designs replicate every detail that these animals look for in nature.

Hides, Caves & our brand new series of "Burrows" are now available on our online store.

Spoil YOURomastyx with its very own custom hand-made decoration from




The Feeding Rock!

The Mini-Mountain!

Available in 10 colors options!

and while you are at it....Check out our NEW packaging and LOWER PRICES on all of our food products from &

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