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Super deals on live RARE Uromastyx!!! Get YOURomastyx NOW!!! Last chance!!!

With the closing of both the breeding season and the "seasonal" weather....This is your last opportunity to purchase your very own Captive bred Uromastyx.

Two Phenomenal U.S. Uro breeders have both offered deals that are hard to turn down.

Read further and i am sure you will agree!

As we close in on the last chance to receive one of this years Captive bred can not help but experience moments of FOMO (Fear of missing out) when looking at the last available from Both Jason Shanaman and Dragontopia.

Both breeders still have adorable little baby uro's available. Chubby cheeks...pudgy bellies....stink eye loaded and ready to fire........


Mali / Moroccan / Ornate / Ocellated......The very rare Philbyi......and THE RAREST uromastyx in U.S. breeding....THE Microlepis Egyptian Uromastyx!!!!

Here is where the FOMO kicks in...... Egyptian Microlepis captive bred hatchlings only $400!

For those that don't know Egyptian Microlepis is considered by some as the rarest Uromastyx currently bred in the U.S. Last one i saw in person was possibly wild caught and still sold for thousands of dollars.

$400!!!! For a captive bred baby.

For those of you that don't know....Jason Shanaman is one of the most well known breeders in North America for going on..... forever.

NOT ONLY THAT....He is also an exceptionally accomplished Sculptor known to the world for his various animal sculptures ....but known to Us, for his Uromastyx sculptures and necklaces.

Jason can be contacted by clicking the linking below...or emailing

Now for FOMO overload!!!

Dragontopia has both captive bred 2022 hatchlings....and FULL GROWN ADULTS TOO!

C.B. Occelated Uromastyx hatchlings....$275!!

C.B. Mali Uromastyx hatchlings....$300!!

C.B. Ornate Uromastyx hatchlings.....$400!!


SubAdult & Adults:

Moroccans from...... $350+

Mali from....$400+

Occelated from $300+

Red banded Flavi's from $600+

& the most vibrant of all Uro's.....Ornate's from $550+

Dragontopia was an industry leader for breeding of Bearded dragons until a few years ago....when they transitioned over to the most amazing reptile in the world....The Uromastyx!

Since then, they have quickly became one of the top names in U.S. breeding.

Looking at their list of "available animals" it is clear....they have A LOT to offer someone looking for a Uromastyx....anyone looking for a great deal....or both.

You can contact them @

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